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10% Military Discount Off The Hourly Rate – Available Upon Request

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Although no attorney can guarantee a favorable outcome, my goal is to provide my clients with quality and cost-effective legal services that increase the probability for success. I am frequently able to do this by drawing on over 32 years of trial experience and meeting with my clients as often as is necessary to fully understand their circumstances. This way, my clients and I are prepared to confront the legal and evidentiary challenges associated with negotiating and/or litigating a successful outcome. I limit my practice to primarily family law and criminal defense issues because I enjoy practicing in these areas of the law and take pride in knowing that most of my clients see a favorable return on their investment in my services. It also allows me to maintain my edge and remain current in legal trends and changes in the law.

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I am prepared to take all appropriate actions to safeguard my clients rights. This includes representing clients on appeal, where I have successfully overturned trial court decisions that were contrary to the law and/or not supported by the evidence. Several of these decisions were published because they either created or settled the law in Colorado. This includes decisions that expanded the rights of children in personal injury claims and decisions that safeguarded the privacy rights of injured persons. Request a Consultation

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